The Tidal Irrigation and Electrical System

renewable energy, carbon dioxide sink, biodiesel, and food from the ocean


Martin on Apr 12th 2008

Not all the challenges facing the construction will be technical. There are vested interests in maintaining the use of fossil fuels and nuclear technology and they will resist their replacement, naturally. However, these technologies are both unsustainable and toxic. It can also be argued that the consumption of these global reserves denies their use to future generations, should there be a global interruption of sunshine.

The Tidal Irrigation and Electrical System has the potential to replace much, if not all, of the energy currently generated by fossil fuels. Though there are many technical difficulties that will stretch our engineers’ abilities, there are no impossible challenges. Also, any TIE System will need to fit into the infrastructures of the world.

The ultimate challenge is to cease using the continental shelf and close-to-shore waters as hunter/gatherers and instead begin to colonize, harness and farm areas of it.

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