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A Tidal Lagoon for Swansea

Posted by on Friday, February 7th, 2014

The west of the United Kingdom has some exceptionally wide tidal fluctuations. This has inspired several companies to propose constructions which exploit this. Tidal Lagoon Swansea Ltd. has now put forward its own scheme. The technology is maturing with companies like Tidal Electric developing in fields like Alaska and Mexico. TE also tried to harvest tidal energy in the Bay of Bristol but ran into planning constraints and the project faltered.

A similar fate awaited the Severn barrage but in that case this author feels that caution was warranted. By blocking off the whole channel the barrage would interfere with wetlands and the fish nurseries in them. Also the UK seems to be moving into a high precipitation phase and so decreasing flood runoff potential is political suicide.

The Tidal Irrigation and Electrical System is also a tidal lagoon design but its unique feature is to harvest thermal energy from the water. Under normal conditions ten times more energy can be derived from the heat in seawater than from its tidal flow. Also, by introducing deep ocean water into the lagoon it becomes a bioreactor: a place to grow material that can be used to make food, fuel or fertiliser.

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