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Utilising Alginate with 80% Efficiency

on Jan 20th 2012

Harvesting kelp for biofuels has a huge potential. It can be grown pretty much anyplace where the holdfast at its base can gain an anchor within reach of light and as long as the nutrients that it requires are available for growth. This happens in two kinds of places: the frigid waters of the high […]

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Biodiesel best from Open Ponds

on Sep 2nd 2010

The Tidal Irrigation and Electrical System can be considered a giant open pond for the growth of marine plants which can then be turned into biodiesel. The potential growth rates of aquatic plants far outstrip terrestrial plants. The question has been what is the best method to grow the plants so they can be converted […]

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Iron: The Bad Seed

on Jun 30th 2008

One method of lowering atmospheric carbon dioxide through the growing of algae in the ocean is by adding powdered iron to the surface.┬áThe iron acts as a fertilizer and the algae that blooms absorbs the carbon dioxide in the building of its tissues. However, the consequences of sudden jolts of nutrients due to fertilizer being […]

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