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Sea Lettuce Farms to Reverse Ocean Acidification

on Feb 5th 2011

The growth of homogenic carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since the industrial revolution has convinced the majority of the scientific community that the earth is poised to begin an ever increasing warming trend. It has terrified the most influential scientists and lead to the advanced study of geoengineering schemes. At the cost of billions, if […]

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Falling through the Cracks

on Sep 9th 2009

The Royal Society’s report on geoengineering schemes was a disappointment. In it’s analysis of different ideas to mitigate greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere it focused on only part of the problem. Right at the beginning of the report it says that it will focus on schemes that divert solar energy into space or absorb CO2 […]

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on Apr 12th 2008

Sharp is claiming to have achieved a new record in direct methanol fuel cell power output of .3W/cc. This is very good. The power consumption needs of all sort of devices can be met by that. The general loss of energy by using electricity to recharge a lithium-ion battery relative to the amount of methanol […]

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