The Tidal Irrigation and Electrical System

renewable energy, carbon dioxide sink, biodiesel, and food from the ocean

Global Issues

Martin on Apr 12th 2008

There are fundamental issues that need to be considered before anyone is tempted to disregard the Tidal Irrigation and Electrical System as too ambitious;

  1. We must find ways to produce energy on a scale large enough to meet the demands of the world population of nine billion expected by 2050.
  2. We must reduce global carbon dioxide levels or be inundated by the oceans and face mass starvation.
  3. We do not have enough farmland to grow the biofuels we need to replace fossil fuels without mass starvation and even then it will probably not be sufficient to meet energy needs.
  4. We use the oceans as hunter/gatherers and this has proved unsustainable as global fish stocks currently show.

The Tidal Irrigation and Electrical System has the potential to meet all these needs in a clean, sustainable and wealth-generating way. The challanges of its inception are more than compensated by the need for a solution to these problems which enriches rather than impoverishes the world.