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Water and Soil – not just Oil

on Jul 27th 2008

The concept of peak oil does not only encompass the end of cheap fuel for transport, it also spells the end of cheap food and water.  By the late 18th century, minds were already turning to the problems of too many mouths to feed given the agricultural technology of the time. Malthusian predictions of population […]

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Good Bugs Coming to the Clean Up

on Jul 2nd 2008

Researchers at the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres and Caltec have successfully captured syntrophic microorganisms. These creatures consume methane and normally live in the anaerobic conditions in marine sediments existing in complex microbial ecosystems. It has been very difficult to separate the individual Archaea that were responsible for the anaerobic oxidation of methane because they do […]

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Iron: The Bad Seed

on Jun 30th 2008

One method of lowering atmospheric carbon dioxide through the growing of algae in the ocean is by adding powdered iron to the surface. The iron acts as a fertilizer and the algae that blooms absorbs the carbon dioxide in the building of its tissues. However, the consequences of sudden jolts of nutrients due to fertilizer being […]

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